Earthworms In A Septic Tank?

I know you’re probably not going to believe this but read on…
Worms need to breathe, and just like humans and other animals, they take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Thie moisture on the surface of the worm’s skin allows oxygen from the atmosphere to pass through the worm’s thin skin and enter the blood in its circulatory system.
Worms can survive long periods of time under water, especially if the water has a high oxygen content.

Soooo…earthworms can’t survive in conventional septic tanks…as there is very little oxygen.

However, once you install a Septic Genie in your septic tank it is possible to have earthworms living there!

The Genie produces a wonderful oxygen rich environment in your septic tank, the liquid becomes clear with no odor and a colony of earthworms can happily live there.

Take a look at this picture taken of a septic tank effluent filter. You’ll see fine tree roots wrapped around the filter and in between the roots you’ll see healthy earthworms.

Tough to believe eh?

Now you know…install a Septic Genie and turn your smelly, nasty septic tank dumping raw sewage into the ground and clogging it, into a wonderful container holding clear, odorless, highly treated liquid that flows smoothly through your soil and who knows…you may even have your own colony of earthworms growing there.

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