Can Septic Genie Rid Biomat Clogged Drain Lines?

Mr Koch wrote into us with the following question:

“My septic system has been flooded for about the last 2 months. I was wondering if septic genie can get rid of the biomat which has been rapidly growing since the flooding and clogging our drain lines.”

The Genie technology and method of use was focused on the drain field problem you’re having.  Since biomat is the single or major contributing factor in 95 plus percent of septic system failures, it seemed like the logical issue to be concerned with.  It took ten years and contributions from a number of people to find the solution.

The creation of biomat is by intestinal bacteria forming a huge colony that spreads into soil pores over time.  When depth penetration into the soil is deep enough, the biomat disallows the passage of liquid out into the soil as fast as you put liquid into the system.  The surplus that can’t get out of the system each day begins to add up to a volume that eventually creates enough hydraulic pressure that can cause surfacing of effluent as your septic system is doing.  This problem is a biological problem.

The solution is also a biological; find some organism that can either kill the intestinal bacteria or consume their by product (biomat) that is the problem. That is just what the Genie does.

It is a small incubator that grows facultative bacteria at the exclusion of nearly all other aerobic bacteria that might try and colonize the incubator.  They use your waste as food and multiply rapidly.  A percentage of these bacteria become entrained in the liquid effluent in the septic tank and then leave the septic tank and travel to the drain field.  There they do the most important of jobs; they breakdown and eventually consume biomat.

The removal of biomat opens the soil to percolation (the movement of water through the soil by gravity) and your septic system can function properly again.  The continued operation of the Genie in your septic tank will continue the process of remediation with every flush of the toilet or bath/shower you take.  As time passes, the entire biomat that formed over the years your anaerobic system operated will be digested and the soils surrounding your drain field will be capable of percolating liquid.

The Septic Genie technology has been restoring failed septic systems since 2000.  There are thousands of septic systems just like yours that have been restored to proper function.  The Septic Genie will restore your septic drain field.

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